Breaking Through

Dive into the heart of a living, breathing, traditional martial art with Master Colin Wee’s award-winning book Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata. Colin’s exploration of the Bassai Dai Kata transcends the boundaries of hard style training, illuminating dynamic practical applications, and timeless training wisdom.

What sets this book apart is the fusion of both hard-style tactics, and soft-style efficiency. Along the way, is the illumination of an epic journey undertaken to acquire this synergy.

A comprehensive look at twelve combative applications with over 200 vibrant photographs explores this training methodology. And step-by-step traditional methods come to life, encompassing traps, striking angles, seamless takedowns, and nuanced combative principles often overlooked in modern martial arts training.

When instructors and students link the applications from Breaking Through to how Colin and his Black Belts got there – the logic of why the applications work, and how they address a dynamic situation – you will be able to fill in the gaps left by modern hard style training.

You will find that while this book centres on Bassai Dai, it has nothing to do with Karate.

With it as a guide, picture-perfect techniques evolve into combat-ready defense strategies, and you discover how to apply this knowledge to any other form in any other system. Equip yourself and your students with the insight to explore body mechanics, new learning strategies, and drills to expand your knowledge of your martial art.

Best Indie Book Award Non-fiction Martial Arts (BIBA 2023)

Breaking Through clinched Winner of 2023 Best Indie Book Awards in Non-fiction Martial Arts, and Sports Finalist in the 2023 International Book Awards.

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