I’m Colin Wee, a martial arts instructor with over four decades of experience. My journey began in Singapore in the early 80s, led me to the Southwest USA, and then to Australia.

2023 Best Indie Book Awards Non Fiction Martial Arts
Author Colin Wee wins 2023 Best Indie Book Awards Non Fiction Martial Arts for Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata

In 2000, I founded Joong Do Kwan in Perth. Over the years, I’ve focused on the human element in every practitioner, developing their abilities, and pushing growth areas. I believe in teaching rank-appropriate tactics and empowering self-guided learning.

Outside the dojo, I’m an avid cook, blending French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine with Asian influences. Writing is another passion, and I’ve contributed to magazines like Totally Taekwondo and Taekwondo Times.

Looking forward, my goal is to continue developing JDK and teaching, perhaps even writing another book on the further development of the martial artist.

Martial arts have given me many opportunities in life. The mental visualization techniques help manage stress in various situations, the training provides emotional balance, and the exercise keeps fitness at an all time high. It would be a pleasure to connect through social media and platforms like Goodreads if you’d like to talk about what you have gained from your practice.

I want to be remembered as someone who shared knowledge without reservation, thought deeply about the legacy I’ve been gifted, and made martial arts accessible. When I launched my book, the gratitude from high-level black belts affirmed my efforts, showing me the value of reaching out to like-minded people in the martial arts community.

I look forward to connecting and sharing more of this incredible journey with you.

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