Welcome to the world of martial arts seminars with Colin Wee, a seasoned martial artist with a twist: whether you’re a martial arts school, organization, or event planner, Colin is here to offer you an unforgettable experience. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Colin can deliver engaging seminars that delve into various aspects of martial arts, including but not limited to the captivating content from his acclaimed book, “Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata.”

Colin is versatile and adaptable, able to relate traditional combative material to any martial arts system. Colin can even visit you “incognito,” blending seamlessly into your event by donning a uniform appropriate to your school or lineage. Or he can share privately with one-on-one instructor-only groups.

  • Open to making appearances wearing your uniform and insignias, if provided
  • Native-english speaker, eloquent, and able to speak in exacting terms
  • Tailor martial art seminars to emphasize hard-style or soft-style concepts
  • Coaching experience allows on-the-spot analysis of kinesthetics
  • Relate seminar material to your existing syllabus and/or training program
  • Fitness levels mean PT sessions can be as demanding as required
  • Diplomatically deliver messages on behalf of yourself or your school
  • Fully able to lead discussions on esoteric concepts
  • Can connect with an all-male or an all-female audience
  • Happy with public speaking engagements and/or presenting awards to your member base
  • Business and professional background means capability up to that of Locum Senior Executive
  • Can assist school owners prevent overwhelm or leadership burnout

Wherever you are on your martial arts journey, Colin brings his unique blend of wisdom, humor, and practicality to your event, leaving participants inspired, educated, and eager for more.

Upcoming Seminar Locations include:

2024 – New York, Sydney, Singapore, Korea, and Adelaide

Credentials and references available upon request.

Please fill in the Expression of Interest form to inquire availability for your event.