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Opening a new location in Schenectady NY will be accepting new students soon !!! Please Contact for details. Come learn with us!!

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AAU membership must be obtained before the seminar begins except where the event operator has a laptop available with an internet connect. Participants are encouraged to visit the AAU website to obtain their membership.

What to Expect:

Bassai Dai Unveiled: Gain in-depth insights into the drills, bunkai, and practical applications of Bassai Dai as explored in Master Colin Wee’s award-winning book. Here, fundamental techniques flow from other forms into Bassai and back again. This traditional training system offers you incredible functional and combative skills.

Japanese and Korean Forms and their Revelations: Explore the applications and drills embedded in what seems to be opposing lineages to improve your coverage and defense against a variety of attacks.

Fundamental Dynamics: Delve into the principles of the JDK Method underpinning bunkai and discover how these principles make sense of traditional training. Gain insight into the the art of application using modern day analogies and mechanics.

Harmony of Hard and Soft Styles: Explore the dynamic interplay of hard and soft style principles in Jion, Jiin, and Jitte. The fusion of traditional martial arts occured more often than we tend to believe, and there are benefits from breaking through a silo-approach in your training methods. Access incredible short range power through soft style concepts and connection.

This seminar is not just another weekly training opportunity; it’s a rare chance to go behind the scenes with an international master-level trainer (more on Colin Wee), gaining insight into the nuanced skills that breathe life into traditional systems. Prepare to challenge your perceptions, and enjoy a progressive insight into traditional martial arts.

Be sure to Catch the Early Bird special!! This discounted offer ends on January 13th. Details on or click the BUY Tickets image below.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a path of self-discovery, skill enhancement, and camaraderie. For more information, contact Will Just email: or call (518) 657-9585.

About Your Instructor: Colin Wee

Colin Wee is a highly respected martial artist, award-winning author, and instructor with a deep passion for the martial arts. Born and raised in Singapore, Colin began his martial arts journey at a young age, showing a natural talent and dedication to his training. He is widely recognized for his expertise in Taekwondo applications and Karate bunkai, combining the principles and techniques from both hard and soft style disciplines to create a unique and effective approach to martial arts. For more on Your Instructor see About.

About Event Director: Will Just

Will Just has experience in various martial arts and combat sports. He primarily focuses on evolving Taekwondo with the insight gained through the practice and application of Kata.

Will has integrated his art into the world of off-grid living. Will believes that understanding our intention, assessing the self within the present, and mitigating how we use and identify body language, can help us open our senses to the multidimensional landscape of the world. We can then integrate these skills to other aspects of life.

Will believes mental visualization training from the martial arts helps the tactition to deal with duress and stressful situations. Will brings the dojo into the real world by working as a high-angle rescue technician, a wilderness paramedic, wildland firefighter, and has been a leader in disaster relief efforts.

Will holds a 5th Dan under Grandmaster Les Zampino and is a JDK affiliate blackbelt under Master Colin Wee.

Of the upcoming seminar in New York, Will says “I’m overcome with excitement to bring Master Colin Wee to the Capital region. His tactical insight, which he gains from the Kata, integrated with his rich life experience creates an atmosphere of a true Master. It is simply extraordinary.”

Host School: Northeast Taekwondo Academy

Northeast Taekwondo Academy is one of the pioneer martial art schools in the Capital District. Owned and operated by Grandmaster Les Zampino, this school was established in 1977. Visit Northeast Taekwondo (which we are using as our seminar venue) in person or online at

Will would like to express his gratitude: “Grandmaster Les Zampino has been so accommodating to us. He has over 50 years of experience in traditional and sport style Taekwondo, and is always willing to support his students inside and outside of the Dojang. ”

Tickets and more info available at

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Out-of-State Guests

For those people coming from out-of-state, please inquire with host for information regarding transportation into Scenectady, accommodation, meals during the seminar, and other events available on the weekend, and the two days after. Head to JDK New York Seminar 2024 FB Event Page if you want to discuss further details there.

Please note: some details of this event may change.

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