Colin Wee

Colin Wee is a dedicated business executive known for his approachable and collaborative style. With extensive experience in Internet and Information Technology businesses, Colin brings a unique blend of technical expertise and practical business acumen.

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He approaches his responsibilities with a thoughtful, effective, and balanced mindset. His skills in technology, documentation, financial projections, and project management are complemented by his natural ability to foster teamwork and support within an organization.

Beyond his commercial roles, Colin’s rich experience in training and mentoring demonstrates his commitment to community and personal development. His down-to-earth demeanor and strong interpersonal skills make him not only a valuable asset professionally but also a pleasure to work with in any team setting.


Graduating from UNSW’s MBT Program

Colin’s educational journey began in Singapore, where he attended National Junior College and completed his National Service from 1988 to 1990. Seeking broader horizons, Colin moved to Dallas, Texas, to study at Southern Methodist University. At the Cox School of Business, he was part of the inaugural Honors Program, and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Cum Laude with Honors, majoring in Organizational Behavior and Business Policy, with minors in Economics and Asian Studies. His academic performance was stellar, with a GPA of 3.75/4.00, placing him in the top 5% nationally, as evidenced by his membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Honor Society.

Colin’s liberal arts education at SMU extended beyond business, allowing him to explore a wide range of subjects. He received awards in Japanese Studies and Comparative Religions, reflecting his diverse academic interests. His specialization in E-commerce equipped him with cutting-edge knowledge that would serve him well in his future career.

After graduation, Colin embarked on a dynamic career in the E-commerce and IT sectors in Singapore. He then moved to Australia, leveraging his expertise to expand an online insurance broker into the South East Asian market. The Tech Wreck of 2000 led to a pivotal career shift, where he successfully transformed the company’s technology into a robust business-to-business platform.

In pursuit of further knowledge, Colin enrolled in the Master of Business and Technology program at the University of New South Wales in 2000. He completed this advanced degree in 2005, further solidifying his expertise at the intersection of business and technology.


Colin Wee’s extensive career spans a variety of roles in business management, technology integration, and strategic planning across multiple industries. His journey reflects a blend of leadership, innovation, and a keen understanding of both commercial and non-commercial environments.

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medical practices through COVID.

Throughout his career, Colin has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive organizational success through thoughtful and effective management. As the Business Manager for Western Ultrasound for Women Pty Ltd, Colin managed business operations, financial budgeting, HR contracts, and IT infrastructure. He successfully navigated the complexities of an NBN rollout, ensuring business continuity and operational stability through the COVID pandemic. His leadership here highlights his expertise in strategic planning, financial acumen, and human resource management, all of which are critical for organizational success.

In his role as General Manager at Bill Wee Agencies, Colin focused on establishing CRM systems, creating online marketing channels, and managing logistics and supplier relationships. His ability to streamline operations and implement effective marketing strategies resulted in increased efficiency and enhanced customer engagement. This role underscored his skills in systems implementation, marketing, and operational management, all of which can significantly benefit a new organization seeking to optimize its processes and improve market reach.

Colin’s tenure as Information Systems Manager at Bubbler Deals Pty Ltd showcased his digital marketing prowess. He developed and managed an online marketing channel for a popular family deal site, demonstrating his capability in driving sales through effective online strategies and technology integration. This experience is particularly valuable for organizations looking to enhance their online presence and capitalize on digital marketing opportunities.

As an Account Manager at PositionMEonline Pty Ltd, Colin managed SEO operations and high-net-worth client accounts. His expertise in SEO and client relationship management contributed to improved online visibility and high customer satisfaction. These skills are essential for any organization aiming to boost its online presence and maintain strong client relationships.

In earlier roles, such as Project Manager at PIVoD Technologies Pty Ltd and Chief Information Officer at Insurance My Way Ltd, Colin showcased his project management and technological leadership skills. He successfully integrated complex systems, streamlined cost structures, and led multiple technology departments. These experiences highlight his ability to manage large-scale projects and drive technological innovation, making him an asset for organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Colin’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident as VP E-commerce at S888 Pte Ltd, where he pioneered wireless e-commerce solutions. His innovative approach to e-commerce and his ability to develop new business models provided significant value to the organization. This innovative mindset is beneficial for companies looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.

His role as Marketing Manager at UTV International Pte Ltd involved developing video streaming and web development businesses, securing government grants, and forming strategic partnerships. These accomplishments reflect his strengths in marketing, partnership development, and securing funding, which can support business expansion and innovation in any organization.

Finally, as General Manager at Net Academy Pty Ltd, Colin developed user-oriented Internet training courses, demonstrating his ability to create effective educational programs. This experience is valuable for organizations focusing on staff training and professional development.

Value to New Organizations
Colin Wee’s diverse experience equips him with a unique blend of skills that can drive success in new organizations. His strengths in strategic planning, financial management, technology integration, and digital marketing provide a comprehensive toolkit for addressing complex business challenges. His leadership and innovative mindset foster a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Organizations can benefit from Colin’s ability to manage and execute large-scale projects, enhance customer engagement through effective marketing strategies, and maintain business continuity during technological upgrades. His experience in forming strategic partnerships and securing funding further supports business growth and innovation.

Colin’s career reflects a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach, making him an invaluable addition to any team aiming to achieve sustainable success and operational efficiency.

Non-Commercial Activities

Colin has consistently demonstrated his dedication to community service and leadership through a variety of non-commercial and volunteer roles. His experiences span across educational, sports, and community organizations, reflecting his commitment to strategic development, governance, and mentorship.

Serving as a Board Member and Secretary at AMAHOF, the Peak Body for recognizing excellentce in Martial Arts throughout Australasia.

Colin’s journey in volunteerism began with the Archery Association of Singapore as an Assistant National Coach (1990-1991), where he honed his skills in coaching and managing national athletes. This early experience laid the foundation for his leadership and mentorship abilities, which he later applied to various educational institutions.

At the LCDB Montessori Playgroup Inc. (2003-2007), Colin served as Coordinator, Board Member, and Session Leader, managing the largest volunteer-operated Montessori playgroup in Western Australia. His efforts in fine-tuning operational systems and networking with educational institutions ensured the quality and sustainability of the playgroup. This role underscored his capacity to lead volunteer-driven initiatives and his commitment to early childhood education.

Colin’s involvement with Beehive Montessori Inc. (2008-2010) and Dalkeith Primary School (2008-2010) as a Board Member further showcased his strategic planning and governance skills. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in policy formation and the governance of these institutions, particularly during significant development phases. His strategic insights helped these schools navigate growth and change effectively.

In the realm of martial arts, Colin has significantly contributed to the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inc. (AMAHOF) as a Board Member (2021-2023) and Secretary (2023-2027). His leadership has been instrumental in recognizing influential martial artists throughout Australasia, reinforcing his ability to manage and lead in diverse organizational settings.

Across these roles, key takeaways include Colin’s exceptional ability to:

  • Lead and manage volunteer-driven organizations.
  • Apply strategic planning and governance to educational and community institutions.
  • Mentor and develop talent in both sports and educational contexts.
  • Ensure operational excellence and quality in diverse organizational environments.

Colin’s extensive volunteer experience reflects his dedication to making a positive impact on communities, leveraging his leadership and strategic skills to support and enhance the organizations he serves.


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Winner Best Indie Book Award

Winner, Best Indie Book Awards (Non-fiction Martial Arts) 2023

Finalist, International Book Awards (Sports) 2023

Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inc., Martial Artist of the Year 2020

AKATO Instructor of the Year 2016

Innovations in American Government Commendation 1995

Department of Human Services Client Self Support for Outstanding Community Services to the People of Texas 1994

BGS Business Honor Society 1995