Our Cover Artwork Shines on Totally Taekwondo Magazine

We are overjoyed to share a momentous achievement with our readers – the captivating cover artwork from Colin Wee’s book, “Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata,” has been chosen to grace the cover of Totally Taekwondo Magazine in the May 2023 Issue 171 edition (see TotallyTKD on FB).

Totally Taekwondo Magazine Cover
Our artwork featured in Totally Taekwondo Magazine

The Honored Cover Feature:
Being chosen as the cover artwork for Totally Taekwondo Magazine is a prestigious honor. The cover artwork shows a current day practitioner performing a modern technique, with a backdrop of Shuri castle emerging from the mists of time. We are grateful to Totally Taekwondo for the opportunity to showcase Traditional Taekwondo training as we know it, and for helping us to introduce “Breaking Through” to a wider audience.

A Sneak Peek into the Magazine Article:
We also provide an exclusive glimpse into the article inside titled “Breaking Through: The Writing of a Martial Arts Book,” which accompanies our cover artwork within the magazine’s pages. We highlight key sections and insights, offering readers a taste of the transformative ideas explored in the article.

Gratitude and Collaboration:
We extend our sincere appreciation to Master Stuart Anslow, the editor of Totally Taekwondo Magazine, for recognizing the significance of Colin Wee’s book and showcasing its cover artwork. We acknowledge the collaborative effort between our team and the magazine, celebrating the fusion of art and martial arts that has led to this exceptional milestone.

The inclusion of our cover artwork on Totally Taekwondo Magazine’s front cover is a celebration of martial arts excellence. It serves as an invitation for readers to embark on a transformative journey through the pages of “Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata.” We encourage you to watch our exclusive video snippet, explore the remarkable cover artwork, and dive into the profound insights awaiting you within the magazine’s article.

Download the article Breaking Through: The Writing of a Martial Arts Book.

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